Types of Hook & Eye Fastenings

Updated April 17, 2017

Hook and eye fasteners are on a number of apparel, accessory, and decorative items and typically have the appearance of small blunt metal hooks that are inserted into a corresponding loop or eyelet. The primary function of a hook and eye fastener is to securely bind two pieces of a garment together -- similar to the function of buttons, zippers and Velcro. Most sewing supply stores and craft stores carry hook and eye fasteners.

Common Fasteners

One particular type of hook and eye closure is commonly used by millions of women nationwide who wear bras. On average, brassieres have at least a pair of small hook and eye closures, and can have up to six closures all together. Other undergarments such as women's shape-wear also use dozens of hook and eye closures, one after another, either down the front or back of a garment to achieve a smoother, more toned body image. The same type of fasteners appear on women's swim suits and lingerie.

Decorative Fasteners

Occasionally, decorative hook and eye fasteners are placed on the outside of a garment to further enhance a look. These fasteners are usually larger in size and display more colour and texture. For example, a toggle coat illustrates the same approach as a hook and eye fastener, although the closure is generally not made of metal. Instead, a toggle coat contains a traditional loop on one side and the hooklike closure that slides into the loop on the opposite side.

Jewellery Fasteners

The hook and eye closures seen on necklaces and bracelets make fastening quick and easy. Jewellery fasteners are mostly made of some type of metal(s) and play off the traditional look of a hook and eye closure. Generally, one end has a T-shaped clip or hook that is inserted into the o-shaped loop at the opposite end of the necklace or bracelet.

Top and Bottom Fasteners

Hook and eye fasteners are found on a plethora of apparel items, including skirts, trousers, shirts and blouses. Women's tops and bottoms use hook and eye fasteners as a way to lessen bulkiness or ill fitting garments. For example, a women's blouse with buttons may have visible gaps between each button, but a hook and eye fastening blouse gives the appearance of a seamless, tailored shirt. Often, skirts and trousers use hook and eye fasteners to reduce the bulkiness a zipper or buttons can sometimes cause.

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