Methods of attaching sectional sofas

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Sectional sofas come in numerous shapes, styles and designs and are popular because of their versatility. They can come in two, three or more pieces and include such features as chaise longues or recliners. They can be taken apart and arranged separately, or they can be joined together. However, when joining sectional sofas, some people can become frustrated because the pieces can slide apart. Fortunately, there are several ways to attach the pieces and keep the slipping and sliding from happening.

Manufacturer Hardware

Some sectional sofa manufacturers provide special hardware just for this task. A bracket, such as an L-bracket, a connector plate, and drywall screws are a few of the tools that may be included in such a kit. Furniture owners simply follow the instructions that often come with the package, using a power drill and the drywall screws to affix the L-brackets and connector plates to each piece of the sofa frame, then attach the pieces to each other.

Other Commercial Products

If the manufacturer of your sectional sofa has not included attachment hardware, it isn't too hard to find some on your own. Products designed specifically for keeping sectional sofas together can be found at hardware stores or online, and the metal or heavy-duty plastic mounts and brackets can often be found in a variety of designs, so that you can choose the style that will work best for your particular unit of furniture.

DIY Hardware

If you can't find exactly what you want among the choices of sectional sofa hardware available, you can still put something together fairly easily. A heavy-duty hook-and-eye closure is an inexpensive method. Attach the bracket with the eye to the underside of one piece of your sectional, then attach the hook to the underside of the piece to which you want to connect it. Slip the hook into the eye, and you are finished.

Quick Fixes

For those who are not handy with a drill or who do not need a heavy-duty fix, there are several ways to easily and quickly join sectional sofa pieces. Heavy duty Velcro may work for some, while others have tried binding the legs together with zip ties or bungee cords. Putting non-skid coasters under the legs may also help stop the pieces from sliding apart.

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