What is the Difference Between Cherrymax & Cherrylok Rivets?

rivets image by Tomasz Plawski from Fotolia.com

A rivet is an old, trusted way to permanently attach two items together. Rivets are used in the aerospace industry to piece together aeroplanes. Two popular types of rivets are the Cherrymax and Cherrylock brands from Cherry Aerospace.


Both the Cherrymax and Cherrylok rivets are blind rivets, only needing installation on one side of a job item. Cherrylock rivets are placed on both thick and thin job items. On the other hand, Cherrymax rivets are meant for thin items prone to injury from alternative rivets.


Installation differs between the two rivets. Cherrymax rivets can be installed with a non-Cherry installation tool, whereas a Cherrylock rivet requires a Cherrylock hydroshift tool for proper installation.


Cherrylock rivets are flush fracturing structural type rivets, meaning that the stem of the rivet is flush with the head, creating a smoother surface after installation. Alternately, the Cherrymax rivets are meant to be visually inspected, so they do not press as closely to the workpiece.