RTCW Steam Cheats

Updated April 17, 2017

RTCW, or "Return to Castle Wolfenstein", has a number of cheats available for single player mode. Players first need to modify the properties of the game's shortcut in order to enable cheats. Once cheats are enabled, players can then use cheats in the single player mode by opening the console menu and typing in the cheat.


To use cheats in "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" from Steam, players first must set the launch properties of the game to enable cheats. Open Steam, and right-click "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" to open the "set launch options." Then type "+set sv_cheat 1" in the program properties to enable cheats. This will allow you to use cheats through the console menu while playing in single player mode. To open the console menu while playing hit the "~" key.

Give Cheats

Type in "/give ammo" in the console while playing single player to give yourself max ammo of all your guns. You may also type in "/give armour," "/give health" and "/give stamina" to have the maximum amount of those items. Use the "/give all" command to give yourself maximum weapons, ammo, health and stamina at the same time. These cheats can help players who want to go through the game stages normally but without worrying about collecting guns and ammo.

God Cheats

There are a few cheats for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" that allow you to be immune to all damage or be untargetable by enemies. Players can type in "/notarget" to make it so enemies can not attack you at all. If you want the enemies to still attack you, but you not have to worry about dying, then type in "/god" in the console menu to make your self invulnerable to damage. Type in "/noclip" to allow yourself to fly and pass through walls.

Level Warp

For players who want to change levels quickly, type in "spdevmap [map name]" in the console window. Use the name of the level you want to play. This will let you skip to any level you want easily. Some of the level names you can use are escape1, escape2, village1, village2, crypt1, crypt2, church, boss1, forest, dam, chateau, boss2, trainyard and wine.

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