Couch Covers That Repel Dog Hair

Updated November 21, 2016

A dog that sheds profusely can be a nightmare if you have a quality couch. The best remedy for dog shedding is to keep your dog off the couch, but there are several pads and covers available if you like to cuddle with your canine friend. Some are fitted to the sofa, while others drape across it like a blanket.

Quilted Couch Covers

Quilted, blanket-style couch covers are strong and durable, able to withstand dog teeth and claws as well as repeated washings and drying. They are thick, often with extra padding inside, so they're comfortable for both you and your dog. Quilted couch covers come in many colours that match your couch, and cost around £26 to £32.

Fitted Covers

A fitted couch cover contains elastic that helps it hug your sofa's contours, unlike a quilted cover. It's less likely to move around if the dog is restless, and many fitted slip covers fit so well on the couch that it's hard to tell they're there. Fitted covers are machine washable, and they come in many colours so you can match it to your living room's colour scheme.

Scat Mat

A Scat Mat repels dog hair in the sense that it repels the entire dog. This mat emits an electrical pulse similar to static electricity that is harmless, but annoying to the dog. The mats come in different sizes and with different levels of static intensity. If you have trouble keeping your dog off the couch, a Scat Mat can help.

Boxy Objects

The easiest way to keep dog hair off your couch is never to let the dog onto the couch. To keep the dog off the couch when you are out of the house, put boxy objects on the couch to deter the dogs from jumping up. Use cardboard boxes, plastic crates or a stool laid on its side. This is the cheapest solution to keeping dog hair off the couch, since you can use general household items.

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