Avril Lavigne Costume Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Avril Lavigne is a singer that has a style all her own. A combination of punk and glamorous elements makes the edgy artist stand out amongst other female stars. Her look is easy to emulate, and she has some signature things that she wears that are unmistakeably Avril. Pull together an Avril look for Halloween or any occasion where you need to look like a rock star.


Avril's hair is primarily blonde, but she does change the colour of her highlights often. She has had black, green and even neon pink streaks in her long tresses. Emulate this look with some clip-in pieces of coloured hair. Avril's hair is long and straight and she does not have fringe. Wear your hair flowing or get a long blonde wig to look like Avril.


Avril dresses like a punk glamour girl. Her clothes are mostly black, but she wears pink and red often, too. Copy her look by pairing a graphic T-shirt with ripped jeans for a casual costume, or create a more upscale look by wearing a hot pink dress and black fishnet stockings. Avril has also been known to wear men's neckties with her T-shirts, and to sport black leather trousers. Another well-known Avril look is a short, plaid schoolgirl-style miniskirt.


Avril favours two signature shoe looks. One is black boots. These boots can be any type or style. Avril wears boots with skirts and dresses to give them more of an edge and to mix femininity with a punk look. She also wears a lot of Chuck Taylor Converse brand shoes. These Converses are worn with her jeans and graphic T-shirts often. Black seems to be the colour she wears most, but you could also wear pink Converses, if you have them. If Converses aren't available, consider buying Vans, a brand of skateboard-style shoes.

Accessories and Makeup

Avril's well-known make-up look entails the use of a lot of black eyeliner, especially underneath the eyes. Use eyeliner pencil that is dark and a little smudged, along with several coats of mascara. Avril usually goes a little lighter on the lip colour, using a bit of pink gloss. Her accessories are minimal. She doesn't wear a lot of flashy jewellery, but has long been seen wearing an arm full of black rubber bracelets. Another option would be black wrist cuffs, or a choker necklace with some studs on it.

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