Class Reunion Memorial Ideas

Class reunions are a time for celebration, allowing old friends to reconnect after many years. Unfortunately, class reunions are also a time to honour those classmates who have passed away. During the reunion, it is thoughtful to memorialise those classmates who could not be there. While you want the mood of your reunion to be festive, you also want to pay tribute to your classmates who have passed away. There are several ways to do just that.

Memorial Slideshow

A slide show is an effective way to honour classmates who have passed away if you have many classmates to honour. For example, a 50-year high school reunion will likely have more classmates to honour than a 10-year reunion. Create a digital slide show that you can play at some point during the reunion. Collect pictures of deceased classmates from their families, and display their pictures beside their senior class pictures. Display their full names, birthdays and dates of death underneath their pictures.

Memorial Candle

A simple-yet-thoughtful way to honour classmates who have passed away at a class reunion is with a memorial candle. Light a tapered candle and enclose it in a glass votive. Place this on a separate table at the reunion venue in a prominent location, such as by the door. Include a sign next to the candle that says, "We want to remember those classmates who cannot be with us tonight," followed by a list of the names of classmates who have passed away.

Photo Collage

If you don't have audiovisual equipment at your reunion venue but want to remember your deceased classmates, create a photo collage. Collect pictures of your classmates during their time in school as well as more recent pictures, contributed by family members. In the middle of the collage, include a list of the names of classmates who have passed away. Reunion attendees will enjoy viewing these pictures of their classmates.

Program Note

If you distribute a program for your reunion, which might guide classmates through the event's itinerary, you can include a page that mentions classmates who have passed away. Compose a thoughtful note that discusses how you wish all of your classmates could attend and that you particularly miss those who have passed away. Then, include a list of names in the program.

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