Things that hold down fitted sheets

Updated February 21, 2017

Fitted sheets are part of most sheet sets. They have elastic sewn around the edges and are used as the bottom sheet when you make the bed. In theory, they fit tightly around your mattress and remain snug between sheet changes. In reality, fitted sheets often come loose, pop off the mattress corners and can be uncomfortable for sleeping. There are several inexpensive ways, however, to keep your fitted sheets down and tight.

Sheet Straps

One of the most popular ways to keep fitted sheets in place is a simple product like sheet straps or sheet suspenders. The product is a piece of elastic with a clip on each end. One clips is placed under the sheet corner and then the elastic is pulled to the diagonal sheet corner. Once the elastic is in place, the other clip is attached to the sheet corner. The remaining strap is used on the other two corners. The straps can be purchased at most home stores and must be removed each time the sheets are changed.


Several different types of tape can be used to keep fitted sheets in place. Regular double-sided tape or sock tape, which is used by hockey players to keep their socks in place while playing, are two of the best options. Since both types of tape are sticky on both sides, you can place the tape in the corner of your mattress or on your mattress pad and then place the fitted sheet on top. Firmly push the fitted sheet down on the tape and the sheet should be held in place. The tape will need to be replaced with each sheet change.

Rubber Shelf Liner

Pieces of rubber shelf liner and spray craft glue can create another method for keeping fitted sheets in place. Cut eight pieces of the rubber shelf liner that will fit on the side of your mattress. Each one should be about 6 inches wide and as tall as your mattress. Spray the back of each sheet of shelf liner with craft glue and attach them to the side of your mattress or mattress pad. Push tightly and allow to dry. Each piece should be positioned near a corner, but should not go around a corner. The rubber gripping of the shelf liner should hold the sheet in place.

Household Items

Simple household items that you most likely already have already can be used to keep fitted sheets in place. Large safety pins can be used to to pin the sheet to the corners of the mattress or mattress pad. Large bulldog clips, like those that are used to keep papers together, are another option. Simply clip the sheet to the corners of the mattress or mattress pad. Both of these options would need to be removed each time the sheets are changed.

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