Sports-Themed Crafts for Children

Updated April 17, 2017

According to the Los Angeles Times, research proves that children who compete in sports are happier. Healthy competition teaches kids a variety of life lessons such as teamwork and discipline. You can develop a variety of craft projects for kids to celebrate their participation in sports.

Sports Collage

Create a collage using magazines and photographs. Provide your child with a blank sheet of paper and a variety of sporting magazines. Ask him to look through the magazines and find photographs of people participating in sports and using sporting equipment. Cut out these images and glue them on a sheet of paper. Allow the child to use photographs of himself participating in sports. If your child has a favourite sport, such as soccer, centre the collage around this, rather than a general sports collage.

Sports Scrapbook Page

Allow your child to create a page for the family scrapbook. Give her a variety of photographs of her participation in sporting events or award ceremonies and ask her to choose her favourites to include on the page. Provide her with paper that fits the size of your scrapbook, and ask her to organise the snapshots in a pleasing manner. Allow her to use a variety of purchased embellishments, glitter and markers to further enhance the scrapbook page.

Make Your Own Gold Medal

Create your own sporting award medal with your child. Cut a large circle out of yellow poster board. Punch a hole in the top of it and tie a string through the hole, long enough to go around your child's neck. Give him gold glitter and markers to decorate the medal to suit his favourite sport. He may choose to write "1st Place" or "Winner" using a black marker on the medal.

Olympic Diorama

Create your own diorama based on your child's favourite Olympic sport. Choose any sport represented in the Olympics and give her a shoebox to use as the base for the diorama. Provide her with a variety of craft materials to create the diorama such as markers, glitter or stickers. If the sport chosen is a winter one, you might use cotton balls to represent snow. Give your child creative leeway when designing the diorama and display the finished product in her room.

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