Cutting & Sticking Activities for Kindergarten

Updated April 17, 2017

Cutting and sticking activities for kindergarten help children develop motor control, hand-eye coordination and hand strength. Provide students with safe scissors, glue and construction paper. Have them cut out simple shapes with straight lines, such as triangles, stars and squares, and progress to shapes with curved or zigzag lines. Find colourful magazines, old books and newspapers for students to cut out images and objects.

Create an Object

Gather a large cardboard box, a roll of white butcher paper, scissors, two plastic bottle caps, glue and crayons to make a television set. Cut off the top of the box. Position the box lengthwise, so the box's opening faces the back. Cut a rectangle out of the box's front to create the screen. Cut slits on both sides of the box so you can thread the paper through vertically. Glue the two bottle caps underneath the screen for control buttons. Draw dotted lines to segment the paper into blocks, each block accommodating a scene from a story. Make copies of a students' favourite story from a large picture book. Divide students into groups, assigning a scene from the story to each group. Have them cut out the characters and scenes from the copies and glue them on to the butcher paper. Ask them to fill their scenes with colours and objects. Roll the paper up when students are done cutting, sticking and drawing. Have two students stand on either side of the television. Ask one student to pull the paper up through the slits while the other student supports the roll. Have students watch and discuss their own TV show.

Cut Out Colors

Collect a stack of magazines that students can sift through and find specific colours or shapes to cut out. Have them create a book of colours, in which each page represents one colour. Show the children a page of red objects, such as an apple, a rose, a pair of lips and a tube of toothpaste with a red label. Discuss how you can glue the objects on the page and create your own drawings in red crayon around the objects. Hand out construction paper, scissors, glue and crayons. Staple their book of colours together and have students share their books with the class.

Play With the Alphabet

Have students trace block-sized letters of the alphabet on to coloured construction paper. Ask them to cut the letters out. Have them cut out a same-size square for each letter out of a different coloured paper, and then glue the letter on to the square. Laminate each square as they finish gluing the letters, leaving about 1/2 inch above each tag. Punch a hole at the top of each tag. Have students thread yarn through their laminated letters to create an alphabet ring.

Make Self-Image Dolls

Take a picture of each child's face or have each child bring in a photograph that features his or her face. Gather card stock paper, yarn, scissors, blue and pieces of fabric. Copy a simple body shape on to the card stock paper that students can cut out. Have students decorate their self-image doll by pasting their face on top of the body. Ask them to trim and glue fabric on to the body for clothes. Have them glue yarn around their faces to create hair. Hang the dolls on the classroom door or along your notice board.

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