Craft Ideas for Krafty Bloks

Updated April 17, 2017

Krafty Bloks are hollow glass blocks used for crafting purposes. These glass blocks come in several sizes, most commonly 8-by-8-by-4 inch, with a pre-drilled hole in the side so objects can be placed inside if desired. Clear and frosted glass Krafty Bloks are available to purchase at hardware and craft stores.

Night Light

Customise night lights created using glass Krafty Bloks with several different materials. Place string lights inside the block via the hole in the side. Just leave the plug end of the lights outside of the block so they can be plugged in. Create a monogrammed glass night light using etching cream, vinyl, decals or stickers. Print a picture on vellum paper, use spray adhesive on the back and place the photo on top of the glass to display a favourite photo. Add embellishments, such as ribbons, around the sides of the block to complete the look.

Book Ends

Keep you books or shelved materials neatly displayed with glass blocks holding them together. Decorate the glass blocks to match the decor displayed in your home or decorate them as an attention grabber for your shelves. Create a collage on the glass blocks by gluing on cutouts from magazines and newspapers. Remove the plug from the sides of the glass blocks and fill them with different materials, such as buttons, candy or coloured sand and shells for an even more decorative book end.

Flower Vase

For an eye-catching centrepiece at you dinner table or desk, use a glass block to display fresh-cut or artificial flowers. For fresh-cut flowers, place coloured rocks, marbles or glass pieces through the pre-cut hole. Add water and then flowers. Since you do not need to add water in a vase to hold artificial flowers, etch the glass or paint the block with glass paint to match your home decor.

Money Bank

Adults and children alike can make their own money banks using the pre-cut holes in glass Krafty Bloks. Purchase Krafty Bloks with money bank plugs in them or cut regular plugs on your own. Print pictures on vellum paper and glue them to the front of the bank if there is something you are saving for, such as shoes or a vacation. Alternately, etch the glass with the word "loose change" or just leave it just as it was purchased.

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