How to stop chiffon fabric from fraying

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Chiffon fabric is popular for formal dresses such as wedding gowns, party dresses and prom dresses. It is made from cotton, synthetic or silk fibres. The fabric is woven to create a light, sheer stretchy fabric that is durable and versatile. Chiffon frays easily. To prevent this, sew french seams on finished items.

Inspect your chiffon to see which side is the top side of the fabric and which side is the bottom. It isimportant to differentiate sides when sewing a french seam.

Face the material together, the bottom sides together and the top sides facing out.

Pin the fabric together, all along the edge where you will sew the french seam.

Using a sewing machine, stitch a 1/4 inch seam all along the pinned edge.

Remove pins and trim the fabric along the seam down to an 1/8 inch.

Lay the fabric flat, and with the top sides facing up, iron the seam down to one side.

Fold the material along the seam, this time with the bottoms sides facing out.

Iron along the seam with the bottom sides facing out and then repin the seam.

Stitch a 3/8 inch seam along the pinned edge. Remove pins when finished.

Lay the fabric flat with the bottom sides facing out. Iron the seam down flat against one side.

Turn your fabric back over to the top side, notice the cut edges of the chiffon are enclosed in the seams. This will prevent fraying of the fabric.