Crazy Things to Dip in Chocolate Fountain

Updated February 21, 2017

The chocolate fondue fountain is a commonly seen centrepiece at large galas and small get-togethers. Fountains not only provide guests with a tasty snack, they add to the decor and sometimes act as a gathering place for conversation. If you really want to start conversations at your next event, skip the usual fountain dipping foods, such as fresh fruit and cookies, and try using some of these unusual foods.


The first unusual food that you should add to your tray of dipping items is edible insects. Fried crickets and mealworms have a nutty flavour that actually pairs well with dark, mild and white chocolate. They are also very nutritious and contain large amounts of protein and certain vitamins. You can purchase large amounts of these ready-to-eat insects at online stores. Arrange them neatly on a serving tray and instruct guests to pick up one insect at a time and dip it quickly into the fondue. They may find it tastes surprisingly pleasant.


Cheese is another interesting option to use as an accompaniment to a chocolate fountain. Certain cheese have a mellow, creamy and sometimes even sweet flavour that balances well with dark chocolate in a fondue. These are often called dessert cheeses. Some examples include Stracchino, Gouda, Stilton, sweet goat cheese, Camembert and Roquefort. Serve these cheeses cubed for dipping in the fountain or make sweetened, miniature chocolate cheese balls coated with chopped nuts that can be dipped.

Unusual Candies

Instead of marshmallows and caramels, serve other types of candy with your fountain. Set out a large tray of jelly beans or chopped gummi bears for guests to spear and dip in the fountain. Serve gummi worms along with mealworms so that guests can decide which odd item they would rather eat with the chocolate. Other candy options include liquorice whips, gumballs, taffy, jelly candies, mint candies and lollipops.

Unusual Savory and Sweet Snacks

As far as savoury snacks for a chocolate fountain, you can try crisps, corn chips, pretzel rods, cheese puffs, jerky rods, bagel chips and matzo crackers. Almost any salty, unflavored or lightly flavoured snack item could work for a chocolate fountain. Other unusual sweet snacks you could use include ice cream bars, churros, popcorn balls, doughnut holes and filled pastries.

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