Finger Foods for My Wedding Anniversary Party

Updated November 21, 2016

Lavish guests with sweet, savoury and even healthy finger foods at your wedding anniversary celebration. These bite-size snacks encourage attendants to mingle, without having to sit down and eat, since most of the foods come in small portions. They can adorn their plates with treats while finding people to talk to at the party. Serve these foods on elegant silver dishes along with decorations and flowers that match the colours chosen at your wedding.

Finger Sandwiches

Choose two or more types of finger sandwiches to serve at your wedding anniversary party. Make the food yourself or order a sandwich platter from your local deli. When making sandwiches yourself, cut them into triangle wedges. Select chicken salad, turkey, roast beef or roasted chicken sandwiches with tomato, mustard and mayonnaise or other condiments. However, if you order the food from a deli, you might want to make a few changes before the guests see the sandwiches. The food comes on a plastic black tray. Place the sandwiches on a more decorative white china or silver platter, just before the party begins. Pick up the sandwiches on the day of the party and keep the food refrigerated until right before the event.

Rolls and Wraps

Serve small rolls or wraps at your wedding anniversary event. Order these from your local deli or a catering company. Select different types of rolls such as spring egg rolls, vegetable rolls with avocado added, chicken egg rolls or just traditional bread rolls. Cut each egg roll in half to create bite-size pieces and serve with a soy sauce dip nearby. You can make the rolls more decorative for the party by tying a silver, gold or purple ribbon around each roll or place the rolls on a platter that matches your anniversary colour scheme. Many catering companies also sell wraps filled with chicken, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard sauce. Choose a combination of vegetarian and chicken wraps, to cover a wide variety of tastes.

Vegetables and Fruit

Serve chopped vegetables and fruit as healthful options at your wedding anniversary celebration. Buy vegetable and fruit trays or do the work yourself. Place chopped carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and celery sticks on one decorative platter along with ranch dipping sauce. Get creative with the fruit by making fruit cups out of oranges. Cut 10 or more oranges in half, scoop out the centre and fill the orange cups with chopped watermelon, honeydew melons and strawberries. Use wedding bell or heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut slabs of pineapple and watermelon into romantic shapes and place these on a tray.


Showcase favoured desserts such as cookies, chocolate-dipped strawberries, brownies, cupcakes and miniature cakes at the party. Slather frosting on the cupcakes that matches the colours at the anniversary party. Place picks in the tops of cakes and cupcakes that say "Happy Anniversary." Avoid serving ice cream or desserts that need to stay cold, unless you have freezers close by.

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