Crafts Using Noodle Foam

Updated November 21, 2016

Pool noodles are made of polystyrene foam and used by people of all ages for swimming. Recycle your foam noodles or use new foam noodles for a few craft projects. Any adult can make these crafts and with minimal help, children can enjoy making noodle crafts. Inexpensive foam noodles, a few craft ideas and some creativity are all you need to get started.

Noodle Foam Flower Bouquet

Use a flower noodle to create a craft flower bouquet. Most flower noodles are hollow and are wavy around the edges instead of smooth. Cut the noodles into 1-inch slices, which will resemble flowers. Use an ice pick to poke a hole through the bottom and top of each flower. Stick a straw through each hole and place the flower at the top of the straw. Make several "flowers" and place them in a cup or flowerpot. For added decoration, paint a clay pot and place the pool noodle flowers in the pot. Place pieces of extra foam in the cup to make the flowers stay in place.

Candy Cane Noodle Craft

For a red and white candy cane, use a red foam noodle and white weatherproof ribbon. Bend the top of the noodle over and tie it with fishing line to secure it in place. This will resemble the look of a candy cane. Tuck the white ribbon into the hollow core of the noodle and secure with a straight pin. Wrap the white ribbon down the candy cane and secure with straight pins. Secure both ends of the ribbon into the hollow cores. Use the candy canes with your Christmas decorations.

Pool Noodle Foam Saber

Cut pool noodles in half to make lightsaber crafts. Use shiny black and shiny silver duct tape to decorate the bottom of each noodle to make the sabre handle. Shiny duct tape is available online and at some hardware stores. Use a combination of the two tapes to create a handle pattern on the end of the sabre. For longer sabres, do not cut the foam noodles in half.

Garland Pool Noodle Crafts

Using the flower-shaped noodles, you can make a string of flower garland. Cut the foam flower noodle into 2-inch pieces. Place the flowers flat on a table and use an ice pick to poke a hole through the top sides of each flower. Thread silk ribbon through the holes. Adjust the flowers close together or far apart. Hang the garland up to decorate for spring or summer.

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