E63 AMG vs. c63 amg

Updated April 17, 2017

Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury, performance and innovation. The E63 AMG and C63 AMG are perfect examples of this combination. AMG Mercedes-Benz models are the pinnacle of what a European performance vehicle should be. Both the E63 and C63 are the highest in their individual classes, however when compared to each other, there are differences.


The E63 AMG and the C63 AMG each have a powerful 32-valve, 6.2-litre, V8 engine. However, the E63 has more horsepower under the hood. The E63 boasts 518 horsepower whereas the C63 has 451 horsepower. The C63 also trails the E63 in regards to torque. The C63 produces 443 foot-pounds at 5,000 RPM and the E63 produces 465 foot-pounds at 5,200 RPM. Both autos are equipped with a 7-speed overdrive transmission, although in the C63, it is an automatic, and in the E63, it is a manual. With regards to fuel economy, both vehicles average 13 MPG city and 20 MPG highway.


The E63 does offer more than the C63 when it comes to interior comfort and room. Both vehicles seat five, but the E63 has more headroom, rear legroom and shoulder room, while the C63 sports more front legroom. A navigation system is an available option for both models, and a CD changer as well as front cooling seats are optional for the C63, but come standard with the E63.

Exterior Styling

Both performance sedans are uniquely Mercedes-Benz. The C63 and the E63 are more aggressive looking than their non-AMG brothers. Both cars are adorned with AMG badges, AMG running boards and AMG-specific wheels. Both vehicles also have AMG's signature quad-exhaust treatment. When it comes to differences in vehicle size, the E63 is a larger vehicle and is considered a full-size sedan, whereas the C63 is classified as a mid-sized car.


The C63 AMG is the lowest priced Mercedes-Benz AMG model in their line-up. The base MSRP for the C63 AMG is £37,830 as of May 2011. The E63 is a mid-priced Mercedes-Benz AMG model and has a base MSRP of £55,575 as of May 2011. However, popular options on the E63 such as a panoramic moonroof, the active safety package with blind spot detection and a night vision system will increase the price of the vehicle dramatically. A well-equipped E63 costs well into the £65,000 range.

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