Simple Country Wood Crafts to Make

Updated April 17, 2017

You can make a variety of simple wooden crafts with a rustic appearance at home even if you have little woodworking experience. Use leftover scraps from old building projects or wood clearing projects to create decorations to fit into any cabin in the woods or home with a country theme.

Birch Candles

Create a custom rustic candle by hollowing out an old birch log. Birch is a fairly inexpensive wood that is fairly easy to drill into. Use a large drill bit to remove the heartwood of the log. Use pin nails to attach a tongue depressor to the bottom of the log to hold the wick anchor in place. Measure the length of the log and cut a wick one inch longer than your measurement. Wrap the extra inch around a pencil before filling the centre of the log with molten wax scented with a pine essential oils. Trim the wick once the wax has hardened.

Barn Clock

Create a rustic wall clock out of old siding or the wood of an old barn. Use pin nails to make a small wooden house that looks like a barn. Drill a hole in the centre of the front of the barn. Cut a door out of the back of the house and attach hinges. This door will allow you to get into the clock to either replace batteries. Buy clockworks at your local craft stores and remove the hands of the clock and reattach them to the main clock piece. Attach mounting brackets to the back of the clock so you may hang it on the wall.

Porch Decoration

Create a porch decoration using old siding planks. Create the base of your porch decoration from painted wood. Stain an old siding plank a light shade and allow it to dry and cut a peak out of the top. Cut two smaller pieces of wood at an angle and attach a small roof to the top. Use wood glue to attach the plank to the base. Paint the word welcome down the front of the sign. Add dowel rods and wooden stars for additional decoration on the planks. Add small doll house accessories, such as a watering can or milking bucket, to the base of the decoration.

Country Birdhouses

Weathered wood can be used to make an attractive country birdhouse. Make a 12-inch tall birdhouse and drill a hole about four inches from the top of the house. Drill a hole to insert a dowel rod beneath that hole. Glue a smaller house cut out about halfway down the larger house. Add another hole in the centre of the smaller house with another dowel rod perch just beneath the hole. Fill the larger house with straw, cotton or clothing scraps before adding the roof to the house. Paint the exterior of the birdhouse and add raffia, dollhouse accessories or twigs for decoration.

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