Gutter hanger types

Updated April 17, 2017

Gutter installation involves several choices. Gutter material, colour, style and hanger choice are a few important decisions homeowners must make before beginning their project. When it comes to gutter hangers, price, durability and ease of installation are important factors to consider.

Spike and Ferrule

The spike and ferrule hanger method is the least expensive of all options. Gutters are stabilised with a cylinder that is secured inside and out of sight. A metal spike is pounded through the outside of the gutter, through the cylinder and through the wooden fascia behind. Gutters attached with the spike and ferrule method have a higher likelihood of sagging over time because the wood fascia expands and contracts, causing the spike to gradually pull loose. Long lengths of gutters are more susceptible to sagging compared with gutters installed with hidden brackets.

Hidden Bracket Hanger

While more expensive than the spike and ferrule method, hidden brackets allow for a clean finish and stronger installation over time. Similar to spike and ferrule hangers, the metal brackets are out of sight, fitting down inside the gutter. Medium to large screws are drilled through the holes in the bracket, into the gutter and secured into the wooden fascia behind. Hidden hanger brackets should be spaced about every 24 inches.

Quick Screw Hidden Bracket Hanger

Similar to the standard hidden hanger bracket, this style of gutter hanger is sold with additional features that gives it added strength and stability. A longer self-tapping screw supported by a plastic shaft is included in the bracket assembly and is driven into the fascia at an angle. This bracket option is more costly upfront, however, it extends the lifespan of the gutters and is often the hanger of choice by professionals.

Half-Round Hanger

Half-round gutters are common on older homes and may be installed on modern homes as part of a design element. There are a variety of half-round gutter hanger types, but the combo shank and circle hanger is the most popular. The hanger is installed by placing a square bracket against the fascia and securing with six screws. The gutter is held into place with a half-circle bracket and metal spring that clamps onto the back side of the gutter. Half-round hanger brackets can be seen from the ground and do not offer a clean installation.

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