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How to splice a TV aerial wire

Updated February 21, 2017

TV aerial wire -- also known as coaxial cable -- may occasionally need repairs due to cuts, scrapes and fraying or typical outdoor exposure to the elements. Installing a barrel connector along with two end connectors will allow you to splice the two ends of the wire together to form a solid connection. You can then weather-proof the spliced cable connection with self-amalgamating tape.

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  1. Cut the ends off each of the two pieces of coaxial cable, using the cutters, to remove the damaged section and form a clean square cut on each end.

  2. Insert one end of the two cables into the large opening on the coaxial stripper tool. Use the tool to strip off 5 cm (2 inches) of the outer sheathing. Repeat this step to the end of the other piece of coaxial cable.

  3. Insert one end of the two cables into the small opening on the coaxial stripper tool. Strip 2.5 cm (1 inch) off the white, centre insulator to expose the central copper conductor wire. Repeat this step to the end of the other piece of coaxial cable.

  4. Insert the end of one of the coaxial cables into the opening on the back side of a male coaxial connector. Push the cable into the connector, until the central conductor is poking out of the front and the end of the cable is flush up against the inside of the connector. Using the crimping tool, squeeze down on the back side of the connector to press or crimp it against the cable and secure the connector in place. Repeat this step to attach the remaining male connector to the other piece of coaxial cable.

  5. Attach the female barrel connector to the two male connectors. The barrel connector is a short connector with two female connectors on either end that allows you to screw to a male connector to form a connection or splice a cable. Insert the male connector of one cable into either end of the barrel connector and thread the two connectors together with your fingers to screw them together. Repeat this step to attach the remaining male connector to the remaining opening on the barrel connector.

  6. Tighten the connectors together using the pliers.

  7. Wrap the splice with weatherproof self-amalgamating tape. Beginning on one side of the connection, wrap the tape across each connector so they are completely covered. This will ensure no rain or moisture is able to get inside the cable.

  8. Tip

    Don't use standard electrical tape in place of self-amalgamating tape -- it isn't waterproof and, if moisture gets inside the cable, it will gradually corrode the cable and degrade your TV signal.


    Use caution when using the cutters, as the blades are very sharp and can injure hands or fingers.

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire cutters
  • RG6 coaxial cable
  • Coaxial cable wire stripper tool
  • 2 Male coaxial cable connectors
  • Coaxial cable crimping tool
  • 1 Female coaxial cable connector
  • Pliers
  • Self-amalgamating tape

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