How to join together two pieces of corrugated flexible PVC hose

corrugated steel pipes-stacked image by Zhann from

Corrugated flexible PVC piping is often used in outdoor projects, or as plumbing in spas or swimming pools where there is not enough space for sturdier plumbing. Occasionally, when using these flexible pipes, you'll have a need to connect two separate pipes.

In order to do this properly -- and create a watertight seal -- you'll need a special kind of connector designed for this purpose.

Insert the end of the first piece of pipe into one side of the flexible connector. If the connector is of the appropriate size, the pipe will squeeze in without an excessive amount of force. If you need to crimp or bend the pipe in order to force it in, use a larger connector.

Insert the end of the second piece of pipe into the other side of the flexible connector.

Use your flat-blade screwdriver to tighten down the clamps on both ends of the connector. Continue tightening until the resistance makes it difficult to turn the screws anymore. This will create a watertight seal on the pipe.