How to Stop Moss From Blocking the Gutter & Drainpipe Images

You might enjoy the look of a moss-covered roof, however moss overgrowth can interfere with proper gutter and drain pipe elimination. Excessive moss not only blocks effective water flow, but can also weigh down gutters and drain pipes causing them to bend or break. Avoid moss overgrowth through basic removal methods as well as help from assorted gutter and drain pipe tools. Use homemade weed killer if necessary rather than herbicides, which can leak through pipes and subsequently into groundwater.

Remove the moss manually. Have someone spot you for safety purposes as you will be working on your roof. Try to get as much of the root system as possible, and spray a vinegar-water solution on the affected areas to help prevent regrowth. Use 1/4 cup of white vinegar for every cup of water. Place the moss in a trash bag and dispose of it accordingly.

Power-wash your roof to remove moss from the gutter and drainpipe. This method can get rather messy, however, and may damage the "weathered" look of your roof.

Install a gutter guard over your gutters if desired; vinyl and aluminium options are available. Gently lift your roofing and slide the guard underneath the shingles. Pull the guard back until its grooved end piece snaps over the gutter's edge. Install clip-on aluminium gutters by opening the clips and pushing them onto the gutter's lip.

Place gutter mesh over affected drain pipes to prevent moss overgrowth; gutter mesh may also be used on gutters in place of gutter guards. Simply lay the mesh over the pipes or gutter and secure it with the support clips that come with the mesh.

Check your guards and mesh regularly for moss and other debris.

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