Air Hostess Costume Ideas

Written by emily watson | 13/05/2017
Air Hostess Costume Ideas
Air hostess wearing red. (Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

If you are going to a costume party, an air hostess is a creative costume that all of the guests will be able recognise. Both men and women can dress up like an air hostess, and women can even give it a sexy twist by shortening the skirt and lowering the buttons of their blouse if they wish. Make sure you accessorise to achieve a really authentic flight attendant costume.


Male flight attendants most commonly wear a trouser suit and women wear a skirt and jacket suit. Choose a suit that is form fitting because air hostesses are known their figure-hugging and fashion-conscious styles. Ideally, the outfit should be a bold and bright colour instead of black or grey -- red is perfect or opt for shades of blue, yellow or green. The skirt should be fitted and knee length if you are going for an authentic air hostess look, and for the sexier version, the skirt should sit a few inches above the knee. A white, fitted shirt should be worn underneath the jacket.


The key to a great air hostess costume is the accessories. First, you should try to find a badge which resembles an airline emblem which you can pin onto your jacket, such as aeroplane wings. A name tag would also work if you can't find a suitable badge. A necktie of matching colour to your suit should be tied around the neck and a same-coloured classic garrison cap should be worn on the top of your head. White gloves to match your white shirt will finish of the look nicely.

Hair and Makeup

Air hostesses are told that they must look presentable and smart at all times, so you should try to perfect your hair and make-up to achieve the pristine appearance of a flight attendant. For men this means a clean-shaven face, hair that is neatly styled or combed back under the cap and any piercings on the face removed. Women should apply a full face of make-up, concentrating on creating rosy, red cheeks, red lips and blue eyeshadow on the eyelids. The hair should be combed back neatly into a ponytail or bun and hands should be manicured with fingernails painted red.


Women should wear shoes that match the colour of their suit or alternatively white shoes to match the gloves and shirt. They should be high-heeled with at least a two-inch heel and worn with skin-coloured stockings. Men can wear smart black shoes that are well-polished and shined and worn with black socks underneath.

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