Homemade wacky hat ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Whether you're celebrating National Hat Day, which occurs annually on January 15, or you simply need an activity to keep the kids busy on a rainy day, a wacky hat craft is sure to please. It's also a great way to use old craft supplies or recycle items like newspaper and wrapping paper. Whether the hats are for you, your teenagers or your preschooler, unleash your creativity for a zany creation.

Quick Paper Hats

Transform spare newspaper or wrapping paper into any type of hat. Start by putting the centre of a 3-foot by 3-foot sheet of newspaper or wrapping paper on your head. Scrunch and crumple the paper so that it conforms to the shape of your head. Wrap a band of duct or masking tape around your head, starting at your forehead and looping it around to secure the hat's shape. Leave a large floppy brim or make a short, smart edge by trimming the excess paper or folding it inward. Roll a piece of regular size construction paper into a cylinder and attach it to the crown for a top hat. Decorate with paint, feathers, flowers or jewels.

Upside Down Bowler

Kids will love this simple hat, which is ideal for small heads. The hat is essentially a paper bowl turned upside down. Raid your stockpile of crafty embellishments, like glitter, beads, yarn, ribbon, pom-poms and stickers. Give children glue and let them design their own bowler hats. You can design your hat according to a theme by using certain items; for example, make "food hats" using only dried beans and pasta shapes, or make "bird hats" using only colourful feathers. After hats are dry, punch one hole on either side of the hat and attach a piece of yarn or ribbon to make a chinstrap.

Drinking Straw Hat

Use spare drinking straws to make this wacky hat. Start by cutting two strips of duct tape 2 inches longer than the circumference of your head. Position one strip horizontally on the table, sticky side up. Attach colourful drinking straws to the tape. Position them about a half-inch apart vertically so they stick straight upward. Use the second piece of duct tape to cover the first so the straws are sandwiched between the two and no sticky sides are exposed. Make a loop and secure it with another small piece of duct tape. Embellish the hat by decorating the duct-tape headband or sticking spiral pipe cleaner or crepe paper into the tops of the straws.

Mohawk Hat

You'll always want to snuggle in this silly hat. Measure the circumference of your head, divide that number in half and add 6 inches to get the final measurement. Cut two semicircles from a piece of fleece. The straight edge of each semicircle should equal the length you measured. Cut 3- to 4-inch strips around the curved edges of both semicircles. Lay the two semicircles one on top of the other and tie the strips together, joining the two circles. The bottom (straight) edge of the circle remains open, providing a space for your head, while the knots down the centre of the top form the Mohawk.

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