The Best Rolling Duffel Bags

Updated March 23, 2017

Rolling duffel bags are a common sight in airports these days due to their convenient carry-on size and ease of transporting. There are several rolling duffel bags that are considered among the best by luggage industry professionals. These bags are judged by factors such as size, value, durability and storage capacity.

Least Expensive

For quality on a budget, there's the Case Logic 29-inch Lightweight Rolling Duffel. This bag won Outside magazine's "Killer Value" award in 2009 and is considered by critics to be lightweight but durable. As of 2011, this bag is priced around £65. It features two separate sections for organisation that can be zipped out to create one large storage bin.

The High Sierra AT3 Sierra-Lite 32-inch Drop-Bottom Wheeled Duffrite was voted "Best of the Best" at, with a nine out of 10 rating. It was also crowned the 2006 "Killer Value" winner and proved resilient in durability tests. As of 2011, this bag is priced around £74.

Moderately Priced

The REI Wheely Beast 28-inch was voted "Gear the Year" in 2009. It features a 6,000-cubic-inch main compartment with plenty of space and receives high marks from users on its durability and capacity. As of 2011, this bag is priced around £97.

REI also features a smaller 35-inch duffel bag that is equally durable, though it may begin to show signs of wear near the bottom from the excess weight that it can carry. As of 2011, this bag is priced around £110.

More Expensive

The 2010 Outside magazine "Gear the Year " winner, the Osprey Sojourn 25 features a storage capacity of 3,600 cubic inches. This small-sized duffel bag easily converts into either a wheeled bag or a backpack. It also features a specially-made system that condenses its load and distributes the weight in the centre. As of 2011, this bag is priced around £162.

The Eagle Creek Take 2 ORV Trunk 28 was voted "Gear of the Year " in 2008. This high-end duffel bag can be zipped apart into two separate bags with about 3,000 cubic inches each. As of 2011, this bag is priced around £227.

Smaller Totes

The Hovercraft Wheeled Tote is Eagle Creek's most popular carry-on. Weighing about six pounds, this lightweight bag features three different carrying options, including a removable shoulder strap, tote handle and retractable handle. As of 2011, this bag is priced around £123.

Magellan's Rolling Tote Carry-On features one main opening, plus pockets on the outer front and sides, as well as on the inside. This tote bag has a storage capacity of 1,899 cubic inches and can be wheeled, carried by a padded shoulder strap or held by a tote handle. As of 2011, this bag is priced around £65.

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