Scary Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Written by gary hill
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Scary Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls
Pirate costumes are timeless in terms of Halloween traditions. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Some types of Halloween costumes occupy a special place in the traditions, remaining timeless and appearing year after year. Pirate costumes are among those special outfits. There are various types of pirate ideas and scary pirate costumes are one type. While the stereotypical pirate costume is male, scary pirate costumes for girls are quite feasible. In some cases the costume is the same as a boy's, in other cases it has variations.


The clothing involved in a pirate costume remains virtually unchanged for a scary pirate or non-scary pirate and serves as an effective starting point for costume design. Wear either long trousers or long shorts, generally in a dark colour. A large shirt should accompany it along with a vest. You can wear a traditional pirate hat, but a bandanna works, too. Some type of boot works best for footwear. For older girls, a more feminine blouse and a skirt are options for female pirates.

Undead Pirate

Ghost stories involving pirates have been around for ages. Playing on that theme can create an undead pirate concept. Starting with a standard pirate costume, zombie-styled make-up would be one approach to turn it undead. A skull mask and skeleton gloves (or one skeleton glove and one hook) would be another approach. White make-up with black accents on the face and skeleton gloves could create a ghostlike appearance. Glowing yellow or green make-up could also get that ghost look.

Brutal Pirate

Although there tends to be a lot of glamorising of pirate legends, true pirates were often brutal. They ruled the seas and their crews by inflicting terror. In order to create that type of pirate, coat costume daggers and swords with lots of blood. Perhaps the pirate collects pieces of her victims. Halloween stores or scientific supply stores sell body parts that could be used as decorations. Be sure to use imitation blood and other types of gore liberally over the costume to give the appearance of fresh carnage.

Gory Pirate

Another idea to bring the scare factor to a pirate costume would be to bring in the gore factor. The typical eye-patch could be altered to look torn and show a gory eye (purchased at a costume store) behind it. Instead of a traditional hook, use a severed limb for the arm. A peg leg costume piece with bits of gore and blood over it would do a lot for the gory pirate costume.

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