Cheats for "Medieval II: Total War Americas"

Written by charley tran
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"Medieval 2 Total War: Americas" is an expansion to "Medieval 2 Total War" as part of the "Kingdoms" expansion pack. In it, the New World setting of the original "Medieval 2 Total War" is expanded many times over, allowing various American civilisations to be set against one another as well as invading European powers. However, if you want to tip the game in your favour, there are various cheat codes that can be used.

Entering Cheats/Basic Cheats

Entering cheats is easy. Simply press the "Tilde" [~] key and type in the appropriate code, pressing "Enter" once finished for your intended effect. Keep in mind as you type in the cheat code, that family members' names as well as settlement and agent names all need capitalization to work properly.

Cheats can be as simple as adding money to your faction's treasury. The code for this is "add_money x," with "x" being the amount of florins you want. Other basic codes for controlling your campaign progress include "toggle_fow" to remove the fog of war. Another useful cheat is "auto_win attacker/defender," entered on a battle scroll screen before pressing the auto-resolve button, which automatically gives victory to the specified faction.

Settlement-Specific Cheats

When modifying a settlement, capitalise the settlement's name in the console screen when inputting cheat codes. Useful cheats include "process_cq settlement," with a specific city as the settlement; all possible construction in the building queue will instantly complete. In addition, "add_population settlement x," with a specific city as the settlement and "x" as an integer; this adds "x" population to the specified city, and can be negative (useful for managing population-based unrest). To instantly wrest control of a settlement from its previous owner, "capture_settlement" evicts all military forces, agents and family members from the previous owner and gives you ownership of the named settlement.

Build queue-specific cheats include "create_building settlement name building level id" (refer to game file export_descr_id.txt for building level id's," which instantly creates one of the specified building in the specified settlement at the level specified. To aid with sieges, "damage_wall settlement" will force 40 per cent damage to one gatehouse and a nearby straight wall section of the specified settlement, if the settlement is walled.

Character-Specific Cheats

"Medieval 2 Total War" and its expansions include some role-playing game elements in building your faction leader, his family members, other generals and any supporting agents such as diplomats, assassins, merchants, religious agents and spies. These include a retinue of various characters as well as individual traits that can impact the character's survivability and chances of success, as well as other game mechanics.

To modify a character with a code, you will have to move the character out of any forts, settlements or ships, and select the specific character. Cheats that may be used to modify game characters include the basic "move_character name x,y," with "name" being a character's full name and "x,y" being a set of map coordinates; moves named character to given coordinates. To modify a character's retinue, use "give_ancillary charactername ancillaryname;" the named character receives the named ancillary/retinue character. Conversely, "remove_ancillary charactername ancillaryname" removes the named ancillary/retinue character from the named character's retinue, or if no ancillary character is specified, his entire retinue is removed. Similar character modifications include "give_trait charactername traitname level" which gives the named character the specified trait at the specified level, or if no level is specified, the trait is given at a default value of 1. Similarly, "remove_trait charactername traitname" removes the specified trait from the character, or if no trait is specified, removes all traits.

Diplomacy, Easter Egg and Other Cheats

Diplomacy is as major a part of a "Medieval 2 Total War: Americas" campaign as warfare, subterfuge and economic management. Some cheats can force certain outcomes to diplomatic encounters. In addition, the Creative Assembly studio team behind the game has added a number of shout outs and other fun cheats that may help you win or just enrich your playing experience.

Diplomacy cheats include "force_diplomacy accept/decline" is used in the negotiation scroll and forces the AI diplomat to accept or decline your offers. To more directly alter gameplay, "diplomatic_stance factiona factionb allied/neutral/war" sets the diplomatic stance between two factions to whichever state you desire.

Other cheats include "character_reset"; this resets a selected character's movement to start-of-turn options, potentially allowing infinite marching in a turn; this cheat does not always work. Another cheat, "bestbuy," lowers unit prices, while "oliphaunt" gives you a unit of Oliphaunts, an homage to J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy; these are extra-large War Elephants with extra archers in the howdah. A biblical cheat, "Jericho," destroys all walls in the selected city, while "invulnerable_general charactername" grants the specified general invincibility in battle.

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