Ideas for MW2 Clan Tags

Written by james rutter
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Ideas for MW2 Clan Tags
Your team's clan tag can reflect your in-game attitude towards enemy players. (Ableimages/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The multiplayer mode of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" (MW2) enables players to engage in simulated war games on the Internet. Players band together into teams and MW2 lets players select a "Clan Tag." The MW2 matchmaking system automatically places players with the same clan tag on the same team in team-based games. Clan tags can contain numbers and letters but cannot exceed four characters in length.

Play Style

A number of play styles have emerged since the release of MW2. Players specialise in one of these types, and your clan can indicate your style of play in your clan tag. If you and your group specialise in getting one-hit kills with the sniper rifles, pick "SNIP" (SNIPe), "SNPR" (SNiPeR) or "HDST" (HeaDShoT) as your clan tag. Do you aggressively rush the enemy spawn to rack up kills? Then set "RSHR" (RuSHeR) or "RUSH" as your clan tag. If you want to make a joke of a certain play style, then pick "CMPR" (CaMPeR) or something similar to let players know that you're not going to sit back and camp while playing.

Game Type

Does your team specialise in a particular game type? The multiplayer of MW2 offers a number of game types, and you can signify your clan's skills in one of these through your clan name. If you play a lot of "Capture the Flag," pick "CPRZ" (CaPpeRZ) to indicate that you and your team excel at capping (capturing) an enemy's flag. If you play many "Search and Destroy" games, set your clan tag to "SRCH," "SnD" or some variant that lets enemy teams know you plan to bring it in these game types.

Favourite Weapon

Clans have emerged that only play with a specific weapon. Many of the in-game weapons have a number and letter identifier, such as the AK-47 or the M16. If you and your team specialise in using only a certain weapon, pick a combination of letters and numbers that signifies the type of equipment you use. For instance, if you play only with the UZI, run "UZI" as your clan tag. If you and your team take down enemies with the rocket propelled grenades, pick "RPG" as a way to let players know what type of team they're facing.


You and your clan could also draw your clan tag from your location. For instance, if you live in the state of California, set your clan tag as "CALI" or some variant. If you hail from Philadelphia, run "PHLY" as your clan name. Also, you could pick a clan tag from something related to your state or location. Clan tag names based on sports teams, such as "EGLS" for the Philadelphia Eagles or "G8RZ" for the Florida Gators, can signify your team's recognition of and/or loyalty to your local sports heroes.

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