Brownie girl scout uniforms in the 1960s

Updated April 17, 2017

The Brownies are the younger troop of the Girl Scouts. Brownies are in third and fourth grade; girls are promoted to Girl Scouts in fifth grade. The Brownies uniform has seen many changes over the years, including the colour and style. In the 1960s, major changes were made to the uniform to adapt to changing trends and styles. Accessories such as a belt and tie have since been added to the uniform.

The Dress

The Brownies uniform in the 1960s was a brown dress with a collar and short, cuffed sleeves. In accordance with the style in the 1960s, the skirt was worn slightly past the knee. In 1961, the uniform was altered from its 1956-style six-gored skirt. The skirt no longer had six panels, and a side-seam zipper was added in place of the previous side-button placket. A dark brown trim was stitched on the dress.


In the 1950s, Brownies wore their uniforms with nothing around the collar. A tangerine-coloured, four-in-hand necktie was added in 1962. A dark brown beanie was part of the uniform. A matching tangerine-coloured Brownie-embroidered emblem was added to the beanie in the 1960s. Previously the uniform was worn self-belted; a small elastic belt was an option. In 1961, a dark brown elastic belt was included with the uniform and worn around the waist.

Socks and Cardigan

In addition to the accessories that were worn with the dress, articles of clothing were added as options to be worn in the colder months. In the 1950s, stockings and cardigans were not part of the official uniform. In 1964, Scouts were permitted to include brown cardigans as a part of the official uniform to help keep warm. In 1965, Brownies were also allowed to wear thick, brown, knee-high wool socks.

Breast Pocket

In the 1960s, there was a small pocket over the left breast of the Brownies uniform. Previously, an identification strip was attached above the pocket that read, "Girl Scouts of the USA." In 1961, the strip was replaced by a "Girl Scouts of the USA" ribbon to show membership and identity as an official Girl Scout.

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