The best colored pillow to go with tan couch

Updated March 23, 2017

Room accents such as throw pillows help finish a space. They help determine whether the room is going to be a calm or exciting, whether it's going to be serene or dramatic. The trick is in determining which decor mood you're going for and which colour is going to get you there. The accent colour is wide open when you're looking for pillows to accent a tan couch.

Warm And Cool Shades

To choose pillows in the colour that will best reflect the mood you're hoping to achieve in a room, you need to understand the difference between warm and cool shades. Warm colours are exciting, tend to stimulate people and add vitality to a room. Warm colours include red, yellow and orange. Cool colours are considered calm, serene and tranquil and include green, blue and violet.

A Mixture Of Colors

Normally, when you're looking for a complementary colour, you would use a colour wheel, locating the colour directly across from tan on the wheel. What makes tan different is that it's created by mixing red, blue and yellow. Because all three primary colours are at its base, tan is unusually easy to coordinate with. For instance, violet is made of red and blue. Because tan also contains red and blue, the two colours work perfectly together. Orange contains red and yellow, meaning that it also works well with tan. In fact, you may find that the challenge is finding a colour that doesn't work with tan.


If you're looking for a more subtle, sophisticated decor, consider creating a monochromatic look with your tan couch and pillows. You create a monochromatic look by using varying shades of the same colour. In this case, the couch is tan so the pillows also would be varying shades of tan, both darker and lighter.

Other Neutrals

Like tan, there are other colours that work with virtually every shade. Any shade of brown, white or black will coordinate with your tan couch.

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