Birthday Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls

Updated April 17, 2017

Two-year-old girls are relatively easy to buy for, as their tastes have not yet developed to the stage where you run they risk of buying something "uncool." A wide range of fun and educational gifts are available to suit all budgets. Refer to the age range noted on packaging and steer clear from anything with small or easily removable parts, as toddlers are notorious for putting everything into their mouths. If you are not sure whether your gift idea is age appropriate, run it by the child's parent first.


A new toy is an obvious birthday favourite for a two-year-old girl. The safest option is the soft variety, as these are less likely to contain removable parts which could be dangerous if swallowed. Ask the girl's parents what her favourite TV show character or movie character is. More than likely, you will be able to get a soft toy version. As two-year-olds are always on the go and becoming more mobile, a toy that will keep her entertained is another great idea. Toys she can push, pull or drag around with her are sure to grab her attention. Make sure she doesn't already have it first. It's a good idea to keep a receipt, no matter what sort of gift you end up choosing.


Two-year-old girls are like sponges, learning all the time. An educational gift to challenge her developing mind is an excellent idea for her birthday gift. Go for simple puzzles with bright colours and large pieces. Books are another choice. Most little girls love Angelina the Ballerina, or the Little Miss series. An age-appropriate play kitchen, as long as it doesn't have small parts, is another great idea. Two-year- old girls love imitating their parents as they cook. For something a little bit different, get her a children's museum or zoo pass.


Encourage her inner artist and get her an art kit. Her parents will treasure the results. Buy a pre-made kit or make your own; remember to include markers, crayons watercolours and paper. Check labels to ensure it's all non-toxic and washable as she is sure to make a mess. Bath crayons are another way she can develop her art skills, minus the mess. Or, get her some brightly coloured Play-Doh, always a favourite with toddlers who love to create.

Motor Skills

Two-year-old girls are always on the go. Something that will help develop her motor skills is a great birthday idea. A tricycle is sure to bring hours of delight as she learns to pedal. Be sure to choose a trike with a wide base to help keep her stable. Construction blocks are an excellent way of encouraging motor skills to develop. Buy soft or light wood interlocking blocks in bright colours or go for a peg board. An water activity table is another great idea. She will be entertained for hours outdoors filling pails with water and making things sink and float.

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