Crafts with Starflake Beads

Updated April 17, 2017

Starflake beads, also known as starburst or sunburst beads, are a plastic bead that comes in four shapes and 20 different colours. The sizes range from 10 millimetres (mm) to 25mm. These colourful beads are commonly used in a variety of different crafts that can be made fairly easily.

Beaded Wreaths

Make a beaded wreath using starflake beads to hang on your Christmas tree. Gather a large piece of metal wire for the base of your wreath. Fold one side of the wire into a 90 degree angle so the beads do not slide off. Alternate two complementing colours of starflake beads, making sure that they mesh together completely. Continue to alternate the beads until you reach the other end of the wire. Fold the other end over in a 90 degree angle and twist the two pieces together securely. Cover the seam of the wire with a bow made from ribbon. Use another piece of the same ribbon tied in a loop to hang the wreath on your tree.

Beaded Animals

You can create various animals from pipe cleaners and plastic beads. Fold one end of the pipe cleaner into an open heart-shape to look like feet. Thread a matching starflake bead onto the pipe cleaner for the stomach of your animal. Pinch the pipe cleaner on either side of the bead to make the arms for your animal. Place the pipe cleaner through a large matching facet bead for the head. If the animal has ears, make the ears from the remaining pipe cleaner. If not, twist a small piece around the top of the facet bead to keep it in place. Use pom-poms as tails and ribbon bows for finishing touches.

Beaded Candle Holder

You can create romantic candle lighting using candles and starflake beads. Clean a square glass candle votive both inside and out. Use glass glaze or an opaque acrylic paint to cover the outside of the glass if you desire a more colourful look. Glue on starflake beads with craft glue. It usually looks best if you use beads of all the same colour. Scatter the beads randomly around the square glass candle holder. Place a small tea light candle inside the glass holder and start the wick to watch the light reflect off of the shapes of the beads in unusual ways.


Pipe cleaners and starflake beads can also be used to make glittering snowflakes for a tree or wreath. Cut two iridescent pipe cleaners in half to begin. Twist three of the pipe cleaner pieces in half for a six-pronged snowflake. Thread a clear faceted bead first onto the prong, followed by two clear starflake beads and a ruby faceted bead. Add two more starflake beads and a final ruby faceted bead before twisting off the end of the pipe cleaner. Repeat this pattern on the remaining prongs until all the prongs are beaded. Hang the snowflake onto a tree or as a decoration of a wreath.

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