Easy Meals to Feed 13 People

Updated April 17, 2017

Some meals convert from feeding three to feeding 13 with no problem, others do not. Some meal preparation simply repeats steps over and over or increases the amount of ingredients for larger volume dishes, but others need recipe revisions to bake properly. For best results, choose familiar recipes and preparation techniques for your initial large group meal.

Sloppy Joes

Serve crowd-pleasing Sloppy Joes for lunch or dinner. Use 1.81kg. of minced meat to make 24 sandwiches from your favourite recipe. For quicker preparation, use store-bought chopped onion or freeze your own chopped onion ahead of time in recipe-size portions. Cook the mixture in a slow cooker to allow the meal to be eaten whenever the schedule of the day dictates. For easy future meals, double the recipe and freeze half for another sandwich meal or a Sloppy Joe pasta bake.


Feed breakfast casseroles to the famished crowd for a quick meal with limited preparation. Breakfast casseroles include overnight versions of French toast, hash brown dishes and flavoured quiches. Bake two 9-inch by 13-inch casseroles for groups of 10 to 15. Prepare an egg casserole in an ovenproof skillet and serve wedges of the breakfast dish. Each 12-inch skillet yields 12 wedges. Plan on two wedges per person and prepare additional skillets as needed. Alternate pie ingredients for variety and be sure to allow enough time for each frittata style dish to bake 10 to 12 minutes.

Buffet Bar Meals

Set up a potato bar and taco bar at the same meal since the two dishes use similar condiments. Bake enough potatoes to serve one per person with several extra for those still hungry after one potato. Keep the potatoes hot in a roaster or chafing dish until serving time. Set up a buffet style bar with dishes of condiments, meat and vegetables to accompany the potatoes and tacos. Prepare enough taco meat for diners to top potatoes as well as enjoy meat in a shell. Prepare seasoned taco meat according to your favourite recipe and simmer in a slow cooker until serving time. Provide hard and soft tortillas as well as lettuce and tomatoes for the tacos. Include cheese, sour cream and salsa along with other potato condiments.

Spaghetti Dinner

Make a crowd-size batch of spaghetti sauce and serve pasta dinner to your large group with enough leftover for a second meal. Using your favourite sauce recipe, cook 1.81kg of minced meat. Increase other recipe ingredients proportionately. If your recipe uses 0.454kg. of meat, quadruple all other ingredients to yield about 8 qts. of sauce. If your combined ingredients do not make 8 qts. when quadrupled, add another round of each item except the meat. Use half the sauce, about 4 qts., for a group of 10 to 15. Cook 0.113kg. of pasta per hungry diner with a little extra for leftovers. Plan another sauce-based meal to use the rest of the batch with minimal preparation time or freeze for later use.

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