Snow Queen Makeup Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

When considering Snow Queen make-up ideas, start with interpreting the desired look. In the fairy tale, "The Snow Queen" is the queen of snowflakes. She travels around the world by way of the snow, and in the story, she abducts a young man to her ice palace. Creating a Snow Queen look goes beyond dressing head to toe in white. Using these Snow Queen make-up ideas will help create a look that can be worn either with a dramatic costume or as an inspiring everyday make-up idea.


The Snow Queen's eyes should evoke a sense of frost. Starting with either a foundation or eyelid primer, cover the eyelid. Primers help eyeshadow colours blend together and enhance their staying power. Using pale, pearl and frost shadows will help create Snow Queen eyes. Using colours such as pale silver, pale grey, white, iridescent taupe and pale pastels such as blue, colour the eyelid from the lashes to the brow bone, and make a line on the bottom lash line. Taking a deeper blue, darker grey, navy or shimmering silver eyeshadow, colour the eyelid from the lashes to crease. If using navy, add a white shadow over it to give a frosty effect. Lining the eyes with blue, silver, grey or black will also add depth to the make-up. Finish with a white mascara or a mascara with glitter to give the appearance of snowflakes or frozen eyelashes.


When considering Snow Queen make-up ideas, it is important to consider that the Snow Queen has never seen the light of day. Achieving this look is easy, using very pale or fair make-up and foundations. Applying a face primer can help make-up settle and can protect skin from impurities in cosmetics or theatre make-up. Finding theatre make-up can be a challenge. You can find theatre make-up or costume make-up at costume shops, and these stores sometimes carry white face paint. Apply the light coloured foundation or white make-up with a make-up sponge and spread it evenly on the face. If using foundation, set it with a pale translucent powder, or for the more theatrical look, let the face paint dry. Use a shimmery pale pink or pale peach blush to finish it off.


Snow Queen make-up ideas for lips vary from glossy to matt. Use a pale foundation or face paint and apply it thinly on the lips. Cover with a pale, white lip gloss, or cover lips with a pale blue, gold or silver matt lipstick. The Snow Queen's lips are blue from slow blood circulation. Applying white or blue eyeshadow on the lips is another way to achieve the look without buying blue or white lipstick; just top the eyeshadow with a pale pink lipstick or lip balm.

Special Effects

Snow Queen make-up ideas go farther than just an everyday cosmetic application. Using a few special effects can make the look come to life. Extending eyeshadow from the eyes to the temple will create a unique look. Applying sparkling rhinestones around the eye can make the eyes appear to have icicles stuck to them and around them. You can also purchase some professional-grade products to create a snowy, iced look. These professional ice products include ice gels, ice powders, ice crystals, arctic glitter and iridescent snow flakes.

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