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Updated April 17, 2017

Walt Disney's animated "Recess" series chronicled the adventures of Third Street School's underdog student T.J. Detweiler and his friends Gretchen, Gus, Mikey, Spinelli and Vince. The Toon Disney channel - which later became Disney XD - aired reruns of the series after it concluded its original run on ABC in 2001. "Recess" adventures continue with a number of online games, which put players in the middle of the gang's school adventures.

Special Operations Games

Help the "Recess" gang keep their cool and evade King Bob's henchmen in "Special Operations" games. Help Spinelli rescue Mikey from the janitor's closet and find her radio-controlled helicopter in "Special Operations: Episode 2," accessible at To14. Press the arrow keys to move and the "Control" button to send the helicopter flying; press "Control" again to drop water balloons on enemies. Collect whoopee cushions and press the spacebar to drop them at enemies' feet. Juice cans boost "coolness," while comic books and CD players boost scores. The paper clip on the "Cool" meter moves toward "Nerdy" when players fall. Players lose a life after losing all coolness. At the Games68 site, help Gretchen evade Bob's goons and find her yo-yo in "Special Operations: Episode 5."

Time-Crunch Games

Help Gus reach the exit sign before time runs out in "Bubble Trouble," accessible at Disney 1. Press the hand directions on the screen to direct Gus. If enemy students pop Gus' bubble, the game ends. Score the required number of points before time runs out to advance in "Dodgeball," found at Y8 and other sites. Click and drag the elastic band to aim the ball at T.J.'s friends and passing items, and release the mouse button to throw the ball. Help Gretchen pop points bubbles with her yo-yo in "The Game of Yo," accessible at South African Disney Channel and other sites. Click the arrows on the screen to shoot. Score the required number of points to advance to the next round.

T.J. Games

Help T.J. avoid obstacles and find items for classes in "School's Out," accessible at South African Disney Channel and other sites. Collect stars for extra points and good health. Players lose stars upon colliding with obstacles; players lose a life if they lose all stars and hit an obstacle. At school, players must find T.J.'s friends to obtain the items for class. T.J. collects flags or hits targets while biking around dirt tracks in "Time Trial." Press the arrow keys to move, the "X" key to jump and the "Z" key to throw baseballs at targets. Cross the finish line before time runs out to advance to the next level.

Miscellaneous Games

Destroy space shuttles before they reach Earth in "Astronomy 101," found at Disney 1. Click on arrows to change the view, and click shuttles to destroy them before they hit T.J., Gretchen and Mikey. Help Mikey fulfil food orders in "Mikey's Crazy Cafeteria," accessible at U.S. Disney and other sites. As orders pass by on the conveyor belt, press the proper machines to add the correct toppings to the orders. The game ends if players miss too many orders or apply too many wrong toppings. Pair lockers together in "Recess Matching," found at South African Disney Channel. Click on lockers and try matching them to their owners.

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