How to Use Poke Ball by Tiger

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The Poke Ball is an electronic hand-held game. The goal of the game is to catch all of the Pokemon characters through the rounds of play. With five different games from which to choose, the play time is extended.

This game does not require any additional game cartridges for play, but you will need to install four AA batteries before beginning.

Remove the screw from the back of the Poke Ball using the Philips-head screwdriver.

Lift up the battery compartment door.

Insert the AA batteries into the battery compartment to align the plus and minus signs on the batteries with the guide engraved on the inside of the compartment.

Replace the battery cover and screw it back into place.

Press the "On/Off" button to begin game play.

Push the "Catch/Enter" button to move the cursor to highlight the game you want on the screen.

Select the game by pressing "Catch/Enter" a second time when your desired game is highlighted.

Hold the ball in your hands and look at the grid on the bottom half and the lights. Glance at the screen to see the type of Pokemon character you are trying to catch.

Turn the entire Poke Ball around in your hand so the lights on the bottom half move around the circular grid.

Immediately push both the "Catch/Enter" and the "Catch/Mode" buttons as soon as you see the red light in the middle of the grid light. If you succeeded, the captured character's information will appear on the screen.

Review the information, pushing the "Catch/Enter" button to show more information in the current biography category. Push "Catch/Mode" to show information from the next category in the biography.

Push down both "Catch/Enter" and "Catch/Mode" at the same time to get ready to capture the next Pokemon character in the game. Game play will follow the same sequence for successive characters as it did for the first.