Easy medieval costume ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

For your next costume idea, travel back to the times of medieval courts, royal affairs and epic sword battles. There are many costume options from this time period, depending on which level of society you would like to recreate. Putting together a costume reminiscent of this majestic time is easier than you realise.

King or Queen

If you want to be royalty for the evening, then dress as a king or queen from medieval court. For a queen's attire, wear a long sleeved velvet gown of deep red, violet or navy. Wear jewellery like a necklace with lots of sparkle, rings and bracelets. To create a king's look, wear a plush robe that is tied in the front. Underneath, wear dark trousers and a dark shirt. If you want, create a crest and glue it onto the shirt. Do not forget that in order to complete the costume you need to wear an intricate crown and walk with your head held high.


When a person thinks of anything medieval, knights instantly come to mind. To create this costume, start by wearing dark fitted trousers and a matching long sleeved shirt. Wear a royal blue or purple tunic made from silky or velvety fabric over your shirt. Create your own crest from felt and sew onto the front of the tunic. Belt the tunic with thin rope. Look for a plastic knight's hat to wear. Finally, to help you protect your land, you will need a plastic sword and shield to carry around.


It is easy to create the look of a medieval hunter. Wear fitted dark trousers tucked into high boots. Look for a loosefitting, button-down shirt and top it with a vest. Strap a fake bow and arrows on over your shoulder. If you want, wear a triangular-shaped hunter's cap and attach a feather to the side.

Damsel in Distress

Be the lady who is anxiously awaiting her knight in shining armour to arrive and rescue her. Wear a long-sleeved flowing shirt with a corset over it. A dark, long skirt is a must. Tie a white apron over the skirt to complete the ensemble. For the perfect hairstyle, wear your hair down in soft curls. Clip a flower over your ear or wear a wreath of ivy on the crown of your head.


If you have always been a bit of a clown, then a jester costume is a natural fit. Wear bright colours from top to bottom. Start the costume off with the most important part of this lively attire-- a jester's hat. Look for a hat sprouting out with bells at each end. Fitted, striped leggings and a multicoloured shirt or tunic are a must. Look for patterned socks and wear comfortable, bright sneakers or purchase jester shoes that match your hat. Since people expect you be a trickster, carry around several balls to juggle or a deck of cards to perform a sleight of hand trick.

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