Easter Basket Ideas for a Six-Year-Old Boy

Updated April 17, 2017

At 6 years old, your little boy likely knows all about the Easter bunny and looks forward to a treat filled basket on Easter Sunday. Easter baskets for a 6-year-old boy typically contain plenty of age-appropriate treats, toys and other small gifts that relate to his interests and tastes. Instead of just filling the basket with candy and cheap toys, select items that reflect the season and enrich your child's life.

Spring Season

Easter is a spring holiday, so an Easter basket for a 6-year-old boy should have items that reflect the season. Outdoor toys such as sports balls, bubbles and sidewalk chalk are inexpensive gifts that help your child celebrate spring. Clothing items such as sunglasses or a baseball cap are geared for outdoor play. Give your child a basket of items for an outdoor adventure such as a plastic compass and binoculars or a bug net and insect carrier.

Religious Easter Baskets

If faith is important to your family, use an Easter basket to express the importance of the Easter holiday. Instead of a chocolate bunny, buy him a chocolate cross. Look for other religious items, such as Christian stickers and stationary, story and colouring books or toys. A religious DVD or CD is an appropriate idea and plenty of appropriate options for 6-year-old boys are available, such as the "Veggie Tales" animated DVD series.

Growing Basket

Spring is a time for new growth, so give him the tools he needs to watch it happen right before his eyes. Give him a plant growing kit designed specially for kids as a 6-year-old may not be able to use adult-sized gardening tools properly. If you don't have the space for a garden, you can find kitchen herb gardens that allow him to grow plants right on the windowsill.

Easter Education

Your 6-year-old boy likely is still learning his letters, numbers, reading and writing. Use an Easter basket to give him more tools for learning such as flash cards and activity books. Choose Easter story books with simple words and bright pictures so your child can practice his reading. Seek out educational board and video games to make learning enjoyable and engaging for your child. Fill the basket with art supplies to encourage his burgeoning creativity.

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