Ideas for giving food for the homeless

Updated July 20, 2017

Many people understandably want to help out those less fortunate, especially during tough economic times. Feeding the homeless is one way many people can help those down on their luck. There are many different approaches to making sure the homeless get the help they need.


One easy way to get food to the homeless is to give your leftovers to someone on the street after you eat at a restaurant. When you're finishing your meal, simply have the waiter wrap up the leftovers. Then, as you head home, be on the lookout for a homeless person and give him the food directly. The homeless person will be thankful for the warm food, and you'll feel good knowing that he got a meal he missed.


Another way to help the homeless eat is to give them cash. Many homeless men and women spend their days and nights panhandling on the street as they look for money to fulfil their basic needs. Giving the homeless cash affords them the flexibility to choose what they want to eat and whether they want to stretch the money by purchasing less expensive food. Some see giving cash to the homeless as a risky proposition, however, fearing that they will spend the money on other things.

Gift Tokens

For some, giving the homeless gift tokens to restaurants is a more desirable option than donating cash. By giving gift tokens, you'll know exactly where the homeless person will spend the money and you'll know for sure that she is buying food, rather than other things, such as drugs or alcohol. Next time you're out at a restaurant, including fast food places, consider picking up a couple of gift tokens for the homeless.

Soup Kitchens

Another option for feeding the homeless is to donate food or money to a soup kitchen or food pantry. These organisations feed the homeless daily, and your donation could help to feed a large number of homeless. Check with churches and other non-profit organisations in your area, as they'll be able to point you towards a needy soup kitchen or pantry in your area.

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