Kosher Restaurants in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Many Eastern European communities have seen a recent revival of Jewish life. Following the devastation of the Holocaust and the religious repression of the Communist years, many people have begun to openly identify as members of the Jewish faith.

At the same time, people are travelling to Eastern Europe to search for their roots and support the new Jewish community. Many of these people want to have kosher food available for their dietary needs.

Chabad of Romania

The Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch sect aims to provide outreach to unaffiliated Jews by offering them access to religious rituals and traditions. "Chabad Houses" exist in towns and cities throughout the world, offering opportunities for Jews to express their religious identity whenever and wherever possible. Chabad of Bucharest is in Romania's capital, about seven hours from Cluj-Napoca. It offers kosher food by order, either to eat at the Chabad synagogue or to have delivered. The meals have no dairy products, in accordance with the rules of kashrut (keeping kosher) that dairy and meat not mix at a meal.

Chabad emissaries often come to areas with smaller Jewish communities to assist in celebrations of Jewish holidays. The Chabad Center of Romania has sent representatives to Cluj-Napoca, Romania's fourth-largest city, to run Passover seders for the local Jewish population and visitors. Chabad brings in kosher-for-Passover food for the seders which Chabad representatives have hosted in the Cluj Community Center.

Yeshua Tova" Synagogue and Chabad Offices

Str. Tache Ionescu nr. 9, sector 1, Bucharest

40-0-21- 310-60-60

Touring Romania

Kosher tours of Eastern Europe include visits to Romania. The tour company ensures that the travellers have three daily kosher meals in towns and cities where visitors and locals cannot generally obtain kosher food. The tour company uses its own chef, who accompanies the tour, or a local chef who has experience and background in the laws of keeping kosher. The tour company makes sure that each hotel stocks kosher food and that the a mashgiach (kosher supervisor) has prepared the kitchen for the chef to prepare the kosher meals for the tour. Deluxe Kosher Tours to Bulgaria and Romania include visits to the Romanian cities of Brasov, Bucharest, Gura Humorului, Isai and Piatra Neamt.

Deluxe Kosher Tours



The Carmel restaurant in Budapest, Hungary, 200 miles from Cluj-Napoca, offers guests a traditional Eastern European kosher meal of meat, kugels, potatoes and salads. The restaurant provides "glatt" kosher meat which many Ultra-Orthodox Jews prefer as it confers a status of strictness on the slaughter and preparation of the kosher meat. As of 2010, he restaurant opens Sundays through Fridays from noon to 11 p.m. Visitors who wish to eat their Sabbath meals at Carmel (Friday night dinner and Saturday lunch) must pay in advance, as observant Jews do not carry money or make purchases on the Sabbath.

Carmel Kosher Restaurant

Kazinczy utca 31

Budapest 1074