What Are the Duties of a Supermarket Customer Service Assistant?

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Customer service is one of the most important factors in running a successful grocery store. Poor customer service will cause a customer to seek other locations to do grocery shopping. Smiles, sincerity and the ability to solve customers' problems are just a few responsibilities of a supermarket customer service assistant.

Fielding Complaints

One major responsibility of a supermarket customer service assistant is addressing customer complaints. When there is a problem at the register or on the floor, customers will find the customer service counter for help. A customer service assistant must understand how to help a customer's needs in the most efficient way possible. This person must be able to contact other departments for help or think past the obvious solutions. Most importantly the customer must leave pleased with the outcome.

Handling Money

Such tasks as counting drawers and change and taking excess money from register drawers are also part of the job. When a cashier needs a break, a customer service assistant may need to open a new register to help customers. An assistant must also know how to work the customer service counter (things such as tobacco and lottery sales). It is also important for a supermarket customer service assistant to know how to do refunds on both goods and coupons as well.

Understanding Store Policies

A customer service assistant must understand all store policies. Cashiers and utility clerks will come to this person for help, so it is important the assistant knows how to deal with any problem. This may vary from how to reset a register scale or manually enter a coupon to return a bag of moulding grapes. The customer service assistant should know where items are throughout the store and whom to contact for different problems. For example, what department should one call if a new jar of pickles is needed?

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