How to write a memorial contribution letter

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Donating to a charitable organisation in the name of deceased loved ones provides a way to memorialise them and help a worthy cause simultaneously. Family and friends of the departed can rest easy knowing that his love of dogs will live on through a donation to the local animal shelter, for example.

When making a donation in memory of someone, you may mail the contribution along with a letter to the charitable organisation. The letter informs the organisation of the person in whose name the contribution is made and how you would like the donation used, if there is a preference.

Type your address, without your name on top. Skip a line, type the date and skip another line. Type the organisation's name and address and skip a line.

Begin the letter by typing "Dear Sir or Madam" followed by a colon. If you prefer, call the organisation and inquire about the name of the person who handles memorial contributions and address the letter to that person directly.

Start the first paragraph by explaining the purpose of the donation. Give the name of the individual who passed away and explain why you chose this organisation for the charitable donation.

Explain how you would like the donation to be used in the second paragraph. For example, you may specify that the proceeds of a donation to the American Cancer Society go to cancer research.

Ask the organisation to send a notice to the deceased's family confirming the donation. Provide the name and address of the person to whom the notice should be sent.

Thank the organisation for the work they do and provide your telephone number or e-mail address in the closing paragraph.

Type "Sincerely," skip three lines and enter your full name. Print the letter and sign your name above the typed name.