Fun Things to Do With Glow Sticks

Written by cody sorensen
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Fun Things to Do With Glow Sticks
Glow sticks come in a variety of different colours. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Glow sticks glow when certain chemicals inside a flexible plastic tube mix together. When the chemicals mix together, a bunch of electrons react and kick out a blast of photons. This creates the glowing light. Glow sticks are popular at dance parties, fairs and musical concerts, because of the way they create a unique, light-filled ambience. Consider using glow sticks for entertaining guests at the next party you host. They don't cost much and can even serve as the basis for some party games.

Hide and Seek

One player hides several glow sticks throughout the house. This player writes down the location of each glow stick on a piece of paper so they can be found if no one finds them. Turn off all of the lights in the house. The other players are challenged to seek out and find the hidden glow sticks. Whoever finds the most glow sticks wins. Set a time limit to make the game more fun. This game should only be played by individuals familiar with the layout of the house. Avoid hiding glow sticks in locations that would make retrieval dangerous.

Pool Party

Tie a string to a few dozen glow sticks of varying colours and then tie a sinkable object to the other end of the string. Wait until dark and then toss the weighted glow sticks into a swimming pool. Scatter them throughout the floor of the pool as you toss them in. Each player gets a chance to gather as many glow sticks as they can during one breath. Each player gets to wear a pair of goggles or a face mask. Whoever gathers the most glow sticks in one breath wins.

Glow Stick Photography

Set the shutter speed on a camera to its longest exposure setting. Point the camera at a person holding a glow stick and snap a picture as they draw the letters of their name in the air with the glow stick. You might have to practice a couple times before you find out how fast you have to spell out the letters before the shutter closes. Check out the pictures to see your name spelt out in glow-stick light. Mount the camera on a tripod or place it on a solid surface for best results.

Musical Glow Sticks

Set one less glow stick than there are players out on a kitchen table. Remove all of the chairs from around the table. Turn off the lights and crank up the music. Have one person stand ready to pause or stop the music as the players walk clockwise around the table. When the music stops, every player must make a grab for the glow sticks. Turn the lights back on to reveal the person without a glow stick. This person loses and must leave the game. Remove a glow stick so there is one more player than there are glow sticks. Repeat this process until there are only two people and one glow stick left. Whoever gets the last glow stick when the music stops wins the game.

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