I Need Gift Ideas for a Nine-Year-Old Boy

Updated July 20, 2017

Purchasing a gift for a 9-year-old boy can be complicated. Some gifts encourage the education of the 9-year-old who can use his knowledge to prepare for standardised tests at school. Some items are practical and useful. While purchasing a gift,vccccc buy something that supports the interests and passions of the boy.


Books are important to the future of the boy who needs literacy skills to perform well in standardised tests at school. Purchase books that are age appropriate, such as "Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters" by Lenore Look, which is about a boy who goes camping with his dad. Boys develop at different paces so some boys might want books that are a challenge to read. Just get something that fits with the boy's interests so he is willing to read it.


Some 9-year-old boys enjoy letting loose with entertainment, while it can benefit their education. For instance board games teach the boy strategic skills and they encourage him to spend time with his family. A subscription to a video streaming and movie rental service permits the boy to watch educational films, such as documentaries and history films. Or get a few of the boy's favourite Blu Ray movies, such as "Harry Potter" and "Finding Neverland."

Support For Interests

Quality items support the interests and passions of the boy. For instance, get a telescope for a boy who is fascinated with science and astronomy. Get the boy a magazine subscription about something that interests him, such as a magazine about animals and snakes. Alternatively, some boys can enjoy tickets to a museum or a zoo. A boy who enjoys playing sports can appreciate tickets to see his favourite team play. If you can splurge, buy season tickets.


Some clothes are practical because 9-year-old boys are growing and they get their clothes dirty while playing. Practical clothes are plain and simple, such as jeans as well as T-shirts. Some practical items are seasonal, including a thick coat for winter and new shorts for summer. Or splurge on some dressy clothes that the boy can wear to church and weddings. Buy a few pairs of dressy slacks and some button down shirts as well as leather shoes.

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