Ideas for Plastic Glass Slipper Favors

Written by danielle odom | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Plastic Glass Slipper Favors
Use glass slipper favours in a new way. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Plastic glass slipper favours are the perfect decoration for a princess or fairy tale theme party. They are small shoe shaped pieces of plastic that are commonly used as wedding favours for a Cinderella theme wedding. No matter what age group, these slippers add an authentic touch to any gathering. When choosing these as decorations or favours, think about how you can use them in uncommon ways to add sparkle or a special touch to your party.

Candy Holders

The most common use for these slippers is to give them as favours filled with candies. They are the perfect size for holding small amounts of treats for guests. Fill the slippers with after dinner mints, Jordan almonds or any other small candy that you like. Use candies that colours that coordinate with the event. Consider wrapping the candies with tulle before putting them into the slippers to keep the candies from falling out.


Set a plastic glass slipper favour on a white satin pillow, and place an invitation to a princess party inside. Have a prince, otherwise known as Daddy, hand deliver the invitations to the guests. Leave the favour for the guests as a gift before they even get to the party. Hand delivered invitations are unique by themselves, but a hand delivered invitation inside a glass slipper is very unusual.

Balloon Weights

These slippers by themselves do not weigh much; however, if you fill them with flat back glass marbles, plastic gemstones or coloured sand they can anchor groups of balloons all around the room. Scatter these to make balloon bouquets on guests' tables for an upside down topiary and a very different kind of centrepiece. Mix and match the colours of marbles or gems in each group, or use different colours in different areas of the party.


Use plastic glass slippers as game pieces or prizes at a princess or fairy tale theme party. Play well known games that are renamed with a princess theme --- such as Pass the Slipper instead of Hot Potato. Another idea is to hide the slippers and play hide-n-seek with the guests at the party. Once each guest has found a slipper they can place them into a favour bag with their name on it to take home.

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