Creative Games for Christian Adults

Updated July 20, 2017

Whether it's at a Bible-study group, a Christian singles group or just a group of friends, creative games for Christian adults can be challenging and exciting. You may be looking for an ice breaker to help people get to know each other, or find one that's just for fun. Whatever games you're looking for, the best ones will get people to laugh and relax.

Ice Breaker Game

To help people remember names, try an ice breaker that includes describing yourself with a word that starts with the first letter of your first name. To keep it inspirational and spiritual, tell the group the word must be something to do with religion or church life. For instance, someone named Andrea could say "Angelic Andrea". They could look in a Bible concordance for ideas. Give them a couple of minutes to find something appropriate.

Christian Hymn Pictionary

Purchase a dry-erase board and dry-erase markers. Makes slips of paper with the name of a hymn from your hymnal on each one. Divide the group into two teams. A team member will draw a hymn from a jar and then begin to draw the hymn on the board. For instance, "The Old Rugged Cross" could be drawn as an ugly, not-so-straight cross.

Give each team two minutes to guess. If they do not guess the hymn, then the other team gets a chance to steal their point. Take turns until all the hymns on the slips of paper are used.

Couple's Game

Find sticks that can be used as fishing poles. Attach a string with a utility hook tied to it. Purchase 2-inch baskets that have handles attached. For the game, pair off the men and women. Blindfold every man and give him a pole. Put the baskets in one area and tell the women they have to help the men hook the baskets only by giving them verbal directions.

Give each couple five minutes to play. The winner is the couple that hooks the most baskets. This game is based on the Bible verse: Mark 1:17. Learning to become a "fisher of men" requires patience and communication skills.

Christmas Elf Golf

Buy five elf hats with bells on them. Purchase five pairs of cheap nylons. Cut one leg off each pair and place the golf ball in the foot of the other leg. Have the game player put the banded part of the nylon on the head and cover it with the elf hat. Place a golf ball on the floor. They will need to use their head to hit the ball across the finish line.

You will need to choose several Bible verses and write then on slips of paper and put them in a jar. At the finish line the player will draw a Bible verse out of a jar, shout it out and the first person to find it in the Bible gets a point. Continue until each person has played once.

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