Birthday presents for a 70-year-old man

The 70th birthday is a milestone in a man's life, as he is likely in the early stages of retirement and perhaps looking back on some great memories while looking forward to what lies ahead. Presents for a 70-year-old man's birthday can aid in his relaxation or enhance his recreational activities as this golden age can be a time for fun.

Gardening items

If the 70-year-old birthday boy you know relaxes by tending to a garden, get him a gift of a gardening accessory or a plant you think he'll enjoy. Get an idea of his preferences in flowers, vegetables or landscaping. Get something that's in season.

Sports accessories

Sporting accessories make an ideal present for an avid sportsman's 70th birthday. Choose a sport that you know he frequently plays, such as golf, tennis or darts, and purchase an accessory that you think he'll enjoy. Gift ideas include golf balls, a tennis racket, golf lessons or clothing. Comfortable athletic shoes are another possibility.


A gift of clothing for his 70th birthday might allow you to update the man's wardrobe. Choose items that fit into his lifestyle as well as his location. A present of comfortable dress clothes or pyjamas and slippers should be well-received. Another idea is a custom-made shirt.

Gift card

Buying a gift card for a man's 70th birthday doesn't have to be a boring, unthoughtful present. Choose a gift card for a new, exciting restaurant or entertainment venue that will allow him to experience something new. Some men get stuck in their routines, frequenting the same establishments for decades, so it can be nice to entice them to try something new.


A gift of cash might be ideal for a pensioner living on a fixed income. He can use it to purchase something he wants or needs that he normally cannot afford.

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