Birthday Gifts for People Who Are Hard to Buy for

Updated November 21, 2016

When birthday time rolls around for someone who is difficult to shop for, it can be a challenge to find an appropriate gift. Whether the person already has everything they want or is just picky in general; try to think more about a gift that is both thoughtful and practical rather than trying to think of what you think the person needs as a birthday gift. Focus on items that anyone could get good use out of.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets always make great gifts as they are varied, versatile and can be made at home. Choose a store-bought gift basket that includes a variety of gourmet cheeses, crackers and sausage or put one together yourself. To customise it for the gift recipient, turn it into a themed gift basket by using her interests as a guide. If she enjoys cooking, fill a basket with cooking utensils and gadgets, cookbooks, a recipe holder and an apron.

Hobby and Interest Gifts

Let his current hobbies or special interests inspire you to find the perfect gift. Even a man who enjoys fishing on warm weekends and seems to be difficult to shop for, could use a new tackle box, bait or fishing rod. For a movie buff you might not know which DVD's he would like, but you could get him a media storage case, cinema tickets or a gift token to a movie rental place.

Practical Gifts

Go the practical route and get a birthday gift that is both useful and helpful. Practical gifts for the office include a desk or wall clock, name plaque, desk calendar or set of engraved pens. Practical personal items and accessories include key chains, suit ties with a tie-stay or cuff links, watches, jewellery, cologne or perfume, manicure and pedicure sets, shaving kits, luggage and handbags.

Food and Beverages

Even the pickiest of people would appreciate a gift of food for a birthday gift. This could be cupcakes from her favourite bakery or a handmade food gift such as cookies or brownies. If she is a fan of chocolate, choose an assortment of gourmet chocolates. Beverage gifts for her birthday include a bottle of wine or champagne with a custom-made label with her name on it.

Gift Cards and Certificates

When all else fails, gift cards or certificates are appropriate for a birthday gift. These can be to his favourite store such as a hobby shop, media and entertainment store or mass retailer. Other gift cards and certificates include movie and event tickets, sports game tickets, iTunes gift cards, prepaid Visa or Mastercards and gift tokens for restaurants.

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