Ideas to Celebrate for Housekeeping Week

Updated November 21, 2016

Celebrate Housekeeping Week by doing some cleaning yourself, throwing a party or giving back to others in your community. National Housekeeping Week is held every year during the second week of September. This holiday was created in honour of maids, janitors and all those who work hard to keep office buildings, hotels and facilities clean.


Hire a massage therapist to come to the hotel and give each employee a 15-minute neck and shoulder massage. Then send everyone home early to enjoy the rest of the day. You can also give out gift cards to favoured restaurants, picture frames and other small household items. If your budget allows, give top employees elaborate gifts, such as Egyptian cotton sheets for their homes.

Treat Staff With Food

Celebrate housekeeping week by giving back to those who work hard to keep hotels clean and tidy. Buy the maids and janitorial staff a cake (or cupcakes) that says "We Appreciate You." Ask the baker to adorn the cake with brooms, vacuums and other cleaning supplies sculptured from frosting or moulding chocolate. They might also enjoy chicken salad finger sandwiches, fruit bowls and other treats. Call to the management team to find out what their policy is about giving employees food. Some hotels won't allow it unless the food comes delivered directly from a catering company or grocery store. However, if you know the management and staff well and live in a small town, they might have more flexible rules. Check the guidelines before you spend time baking or ordering food. Throw your staff a party with food and all of the trimmings in celebration of Housekeeping Week.


Give your employees awards along with flowers and balloons to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. Managers may want to give their top employees plaques made in their honour or give every employee a small plaque. A wall of appreciation showcasing pictures of your top employees also works well.

Clean for Someone

If you don't have money or gifts, you can always clean for someone else in honour of Housekeeping Week. Clean your neighbour or best friend's living room and kitchen. Taking the time to do this can help others recognise and remember housekeeping week. You can also offer to rake your neighbours leaves or volunteer in the community.

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