Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults Around Town

Updated February 21, 2017

Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun for adults as well as kids. You can turn this game into a more grown up version by the list of items you choose or by making up more difficult clues. Sending friends or coworkers on a hunt across town can make friendships stronger and teach team building skills.

Menu Items

Make a scavenger hunt out of menu items. Set up a list of different menu items from various restaurants around town without the names of the restaurants they come from. Divide your friends into teams and have them find the items. For a little more entertainment, you could require them to take pictures of the items to show they found them. If that means they have to order it, that's fine. However, if they can talk someone into letting them take a picture, all the better.

Fun and Wacky Town Activities

Make up a list of things for teams to do in town that are out of their comfort zones or something a kid might do. Think up things like playing at the local playground, driving backward through a car park, splashing in the fountain, giving flowers to a random person and talking to strangers. The groups must have a camera to record the experience as proof that it was done.

Become a Tourist

Turn the teams into tourists and have them race to do all the things around town that a visitor might do. Make a list of historic places, museums, entertainment venues, sports complexes, famous restaurants and other locations. If no particular events are going on, they can still take a photo of the front of the sports arena or theatre. Cameras are needed to prove they made it to each location, and there is the added fun of having an enjoyable day out.

Nature in Town

Divide into teams and go on a nature hunt. Just because you live in an urban area doesn't mean there aren't some natural surroundings. Make up a list of items to find that are normally found in outdoor areas. Photos are needed for proof. The list might include things such as a flower, a tree in bloom, a particular bug, a small animal like a squirrel, a certain coloured stone or even a bird's nest.

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