Astronomy Gifts for Men

Updated November 21, 2016

If you have a man on your list who is an astronomer or who has an avid interest in the viewing of stars and planets, you may want to choose this interest as a gift for his birthday or other special occasion. Many who are lovers of astronomy also enjoy items and gifts with an astronomy theme, including stars, planets, constellations and galaxies.


The most obvious choice for an astronomy enthusiast would be a good pair of binoculars or a telescope, especially for someone just starting out. This is a rather expensive gift, but well worth it for a man who is very interested in astronomy. For sky viewing, wide binoculars would be your best choice; however, there are other varieties such as zoom binoculars and prisms. You will want to include a tripod to make viewing more comfortable.

Maps and Guides

Star maps and guides are great choices for a man who is into astronomy. These help him to locate planets, stars, major constellations and star clusters and to follow comets as they pass through the sky. There are a variety of star guides, which are extensive lists, and graphics including nebulae and other galaxies. While these are mostly instructional, they can also be framed or enlarged into a poster.

Reading Materials

Reading materials about astronomy are available as both fiction and nonfiction. Nonfiction includes astronomy magazine subscriptions and educational books about the study of the stars and planets, including beginners' guides, how to use binoculars to locate stars and planets, the history of astronomy and more. Many astronomy lovers also enjoy science fiction books about astronomy.

Media and Entertainment

Documentaries are available for him to enjoy about astronomy that provide the history, information and instruction of the planets and stars. Astronomy movies are typically found at shops selling telescopes as well as through mail order and online. Like books, many movies and TV shows have been released with astronomy as a main component, such as "Apollo 13."

Clothing and Accessories

Astronomy-themed gifts are also appropriate for men and include clothing items such as hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies and suit ties. Other gifts for an astronomy lover include key chains, wallets, models and replicas of planets and stars, coffee and beer mugs, coasters, calendars, desk or wall clocks and mouse pads. Look to your local telescope shop or gift shop that sells speciality items.

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